About the Book

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(or, The Roof is On Fire..)

Wars and rumors of wars. Injustice, Unrest, Hatred. The gap between haves and have-nots increasing. Wworld leaders who sometimes seem more interested in personal gain than public good. Environmental crisis, famine, and now pestilence? (“a contagious or infectious epidemic disease”-dictionary,Check.).

This is a story about when things get crazy in our world. Uh, crazier.

A tale of bad rulers and hard times. Deceived prophets, plagues, magic, fire falling from the sky. You still with me?

It reads like a proper fiction. But also like a bible To-Do list checking off.

And what if the story becomes real?

Are we in the last chapter of our beautiful yet broken human autobiography?

I read every Harry Potter book and while I love the Wizarding World (and frankly wouldn’t mind existing there sometimes), I always wanted to finish the books.

Every Time.

In the event of batsh*t crazy, you’re holding/reading a Pocket Guide of notes, insights and Hope. And if it seems all hell is breaking loose, remember:  For all the good, glorious, beautiful, amazing things in this world– from aurora borealis to tacos, raccoons, rocking out, wild & fully consensual lovemaking—- the world is 180% jacked for so many on this planet.

24 Hours in a Day. The World is bathed in complete darkness somewhere all the time.

Are things we are experiencing fulfillment of ancient prophecies? If so, maybe there really is more going on than meets the eye. Maybe the answer to that age old question, are we alone? is indeed No.

But hold on, Jas! “Bible?!” “Prophecies??!”

I hear you!! Some of us want nothing to do with that book, God, or those “Christians.” Just hypocrites protesting love and equality, pilfering the environment, caring only of unborn babies instead of immigrant children in cages, marriage must be between male and female only, no you cannot use Mx, or X when identifying yourself—get-in-a-box people who support big Defense budgets over social provision during a pandemic.

Not all Christians.. Not all God-believers..

The “Good Book” and “name of God” have been used to justify oppression, division, intolerance, lovelessness, boasting, flat-out evil, and the killing and destruction of countless lives.

It’s literally happening in a Nation touting “God Bless,” meanwhile Christian religious factions are pushing policies and positions that expressly harm the vulnerable, (“the cruelty is the point”)– from immigrants and dreamers[1], Trans-identifying youth, any who don’t follow the script.[2].

Meanwhile the U.S. seems to have committed more human rights abuses and atrocities than The Hague can handle.

To any Bible bangers looking at cages of fellow man, woman and child, yet crying bloody murder about unborn babies: Check yourself.

“These people honour Me with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me..”
(Isiah 29:13, Matthew 15:8, Mark 7:8)

This Guide isn’t about believing in God, the Bible, or even the Jesus story. All have been used to destroy people and planet.

But it is about highlighting relevant, this-is-maybe-happening-now prophecies to hopefully keep us from excess fear or distress in case things do get crazier. (and believe me, with the developing situation in the U.S., that’s all too possible).

Take what you want or need from this book/site/space.

Leave the rest.

With love,

[1] “Dreamers” refers to young adults brought to U.S. as children, have grown up in and identify as American, but considered undocumented immigrants by law.

[2] “GOP Lawyer Says Quiet Part Out Loud” <www.motherjones.com /mojo-wire/2021/03/gop-lawyer-says-the-quiet-part-out-loud-in-scotus-voting-rights-case>