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It’s hard to stop writing a Story when you’re in the middle of it..

Hey, I’m Jasmine. People-passionate, sky-gazing soundnerd, prone to frequent bouts of #Bassface. And cups of coffee.

I’ve been writing and geeking about God/Love/The Universe, counter culture, social justice, taboo topics and American Christian hypocrisy/hypocrazy since 2015 on <3inFormation.

This book was written for you, Hero. (yes, you).

Still here after words like Christian?
I feel you!

I know what it’s like to want nothing to do with religion, to be considered a church flunkie, called possessed, be misunderstood or unheard because of the genetic package your words came in. Basta.

Religion and related atrocities aside, many of us still hope there’s more meaning and love in this world than we’ve ever seen.

Even at the best of times. 🖤

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