About the Author

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It’s hard to stop writing a Story, when you’re in the middle of it..

That’s what this book has been –a race against the (doomsday) clock, and a fight to put the pen down amidst breaking news, after breaking news, after…

Who am I? Skygazing soundnerd, prone to #Bassface and bouts of coffee, writing and geeking on God/Love/The Universe, social justice, American Christian hypocrisy/hypocrazy and taboo topics since 2015 (<3inFormation).

This book was written for you, Hero. (yes, you).

The book crosses world events with bible prophecies, and I know so many to want NOTHING to do with that, religion, “Christians,”.. BTDT.

At the same time, I, and many others–regardless of (non)beliefs– still hope there’s more meaning and love in this world than we’ve ever seen.

Even at the best of times. 🖤

I wrote this book as open and inclusive as possible. I hope you feel that and feel safe there.